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Lost Walk's album, “Wolf, Woman, Man”, tells the story of a couple that moves into a desolate mountain region and ultimately faces challenges from the elements, each other and a lone, injured wolf. The band's live performances enhance the story by including visual elements created by local artists, set design by Chucky Martinez and Pat Steeno and a team of four dancers. 

Band members include veteran Denver musicians: Andy Thomas (
The Knew, Tin Horn Prayer, Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart); Jen GaNun (Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart); Dameon Merkl (Bad Luck City); Ryan Fiegl (Bret Sexton Quartet); David Thomas Bailey (Faceman) Kelly O’Dea (Bad Luck City, Tarantella); Chad Johnson (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Munly and the Lupercalians, Tarantella)

Lost Walks Dancers are: Claire Steeno, Jessica Riggs, Karlyn Griswold, Page Cirillo.

Off the stage, Lost Walks hopes to create a sustainable process to raise money for organizations that advocate for wolves. This far, the band has worked with and raised funds for, Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, Lobos of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Wolf Project.